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Exciting Changes for Holy Family


The momentum at Holy Family Catholic High School has never been at such a heightened level since I stepped foot on campus almost five years ago.  Enrollment and fundraising numbers are both hitting and surpassing annual goals.

The spirit and energy of our students in the extracurricular arena are unparalleled and a sight to be seen. Our entire Holy Family community has been lifted by a new bond grounded in unity and pride forged by the successful navigation of a school year no one could have imagined.

With the scoreboard showing every indication of a win, the question I have been getting for the past few months is, “What’s next, Mike?” Well, the truth is, there’s quite a bit. What I can tell you is we are not going to rest on our laurels or become complacent. The status quo is not an option.

At Holy Family, we believe that every minute matters and time not spent planning for our future and designing pathways to support our students’ very best high school experience is time wasted.

And while there are several irons in the fire heating up to achieve this end, there is one that I am particularly excited to share with our Holy Family community.

It is truly a privilege and an honor to announce that we are moving forward with a new capital campaign engineered to realize two distinct yet highly interconnected dreams for our school:

1. a significant upgrade and enhancement to our competitive athletic field and surrounding amenities, and

2. the restructuring of our debt to allow for increased investments in our educational programming, personnel, facilities, and, above all, the overall student experience.

That’s right, Holy Family, the time is ripe and we could not be more excited to begin the fundraising efforts that will yield our very own field of dreams and a new financial paradigm that will effectively reduce our annual debt servicing obligations by half!

Overview of the complex

This bold plan, coupled with the generosity of benefactors, will fulfill the dreams of so many students, parents, alumni, donors, and friends who desire an activities complex that serves multiple sports programs, clubs, physical education classes, community gathering events, and outreach to our Catholic elementary partner schools.  It will also provide the resources to successfully restructure our debt – a necessary burden acquired in 1999 to purchase these 72 acres of property and construct our existing facility and the school we all love.

When does this all happen?  It is happening now.

For the last two years, behind-the-scenes efforts of school leadership have involved both envisioning this end goal as well as designing the mechanics to achieve it. In the end, the cost of the entire project will be 6.5 million dollars.

Two million dollars will be specifically directed towards reducing principal, dollar for dollar, and serving as a down payment in the restructuring of our debt in September 2022 when our bond becomes callable. 4.5 million dollars will be used to apply synthetic turf to our competition field, install permanent bleachers for both home and away spectators, add restroom facilities, construct a community gathering plaza on “the hill,” build a welcoming gated entrance into the complex, rework the concessions area, resurface the existing track, and add new lighting, fencing, and much-needed storage.

We will continue to aggressively raise dollars for the project until we have commitments for the entire amount.  Our development team’s goal is to identify all project dollars by October 2022 and complete the activities complex by August of 2023.

Of course, breaking ground will directly depend on the success of these fundraising efforts.  We are confident and prayerful that our community will continue to support the mission and vision at Holy Family and help us complete our largest building initiative since Holy Family opened its doors in the year 2000.

I’ll keep you updated on the status of the capital campaign with emails and article in future issues of Passages. If you’d like to find out how you can be a part of this campaign today, please contact our Chief Development Officer Jack Kelly at kellyj@hfchs.org.


The complex will also include improved fan seating, restroom facilities, and concessions along with a community plaza.