We are HF!

Holy Family Activities Program Values


Our activity programs are led by strong caring professionals who demonstrate high expectations for the success of all students.  Our coaches, advisors, and directors take personal responsibility for individual and program continuous improvement.

We support the overall mission of Holy Family Catholic High School by developing servant leaders who are empowered to excel now and in the future.

We value:

  • Seeing the big picture;
  • Encouraging the highest moral standards in competition and life;
  • Communicating effectively with staff, students, parents, and the media;
  • Offering academic support;
  • Developing students into leaders;
  • Creating a positive learning environment.

Play Like a Champion Today

In 2017, Holy Family joined a national network of schools who are committed to transforming the sports and activities experience into a positive character-building, and leadership development opportunity.

The Play Like a Champion Today program grew out of the Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Notre Dame, and today hosts outreach, speaking, and leadership training sessions for parents, students, and coaches.

Learn more about Play Like a Champion Today, and discover what it looks like to Coach for Character (Activities Leaders), Parent Like a Champion (parents), and Discover your Inner Servant Leader (students).

Leadership Training

Stop back for updates regarding upcoming student leadership training opportunities.