Registering for Classes

What class should I register for?
If you are currently taking:

PreAlgebra – You should register for Algebra I.

Algebra I and will finish the book by the end of the school year – Register for Geometry or Honors Geometry and take Placement Test I. If you are not confident in your Algebra skills, you should register for Geometry.

Geometry – You should register for Algebra II or Honors Algebra II and take Placement Test II.

8th Grade Math – Use the name of the textbook you are using for a reference. If it is a PreAlgebra book, register for Algebra I. If it is an Algebra book, register for Honors Geometry and take the Placement Test. If it is an 8th Grade Math or Level 8 book, register for Algebra I.

What if I don’t see a course that fits my needs?
We have course options for students who qualify. Please talk to the Mathematics Department Chair or our Learning Specialist for more information.

What if the class I am in is too easy once the school year begins?
Many students who are placed in Algebra I will find the beginning of the year relatively easy. The beginning chapters of these classes are a review of material covered in PreAlgebra or 8th grade mathematics. If you are in Honors Geometry or Honors Algebra II, it is the highest level offered, so you can feel confident in doing well in mathematics. You can expect that as the year progresses you will be challenged more and more. Enjoy having an easy class, but remember that it will get more difficult as the year progresses.

What if the class I am in is too difficult once the school year begins?
We highly recommend that you take advantage of all of the opportunities available. Mathematics teachers are available before and after school and throughout the school day. Holy Family can arrange a peer tutor for you if your schedule permits. There are many people available to help you; all you need to do is ask. If you are in an honors course, switching to the regular level is normally an option. You should talk to your teacher before making a change. We have found our placement test very accurate and are confident in the placement of students based on its results.

General Questions

What courses will I take throughout my high school career?
Holy Family requires four credits (equivalent to four years) of mathematics with successful completion of Algebra II. Below is a list of several options, but there are many more different paths. Please see the course description book for further information on specific courses.
Possible options 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th*
1. Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Functions and Trigonometry or Probability and Statistics

2. Algebra I, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Honors PreCalculus

3. Geometry, Algebra II, Functions and Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics or Honors PreCalculus

4. Honors Geometry, Honors AlgebraII, Honors PreCalculus, AP Course*

5. Honors Algebra II, Honors PreCalculus, AP and Advanced Level Course*, AP Course*

6. Honors PreCalculus, AP Course*, AP Course*, AP Course*

** “AP courses include AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics.

Placement Test Questions

Do I need to take the placement test at the end of the year?
We encourage all incoming freshmen to take the placement test unless you are certain they should be taking PreAlgebra or Algebra 1.

There are three different tests:

  • Placement Test I – For students who’ve completed Algebra and registered for Geometry or Honors Geometry.  The test will cover algebra and some pre-algebra topics.  This test is approximately 2 hours long
  • Placement Test II – For students who’ve completed Algebra and Geometry and are registered for Algebra 2 or Honors Algebra 2. This test will cover both Algebra and Geometry topics.  This test is approximately 2 ½ hours long
  • Placement Test III – For students who’ve completed Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2, and are registered Honors PreCalculus.  This test will cover Algebra 2 topics. Students must first pass the Placement Test II.

When is the placement test?
Both Placement Test I and Placement Test II are given on in early June at Holy Family. Placement Test I to get into geometry will take approximately two hours. Placement Test II will take approximately two and a half hours.  Register for the test here.

What if I don’t take the test?
We want to make sure that you are in a class with which you will find success. If you don’t take the test, we will place you in Algebra I.

What if I don’t do well on the placement test?
When you receive your results, we will indicate the course that is best suited for you. It is important for you to remember that we want you to be successful and not overwhelmed by a class that is beyond your current level but we also do not want to hold you back unnecessarily. To that end, if you are close to testing into a higher-level math class, there will be an opportunity to be re-evaluated though a summer course.  The course is an hybrid of doing work on line and then coming in for help and to take quizzes.  There are no specific required days for this summer course so students can work at their own pace provided everything is finished by the end of July. If you are not offered to participate in this course (or choose not to take it), you will be placed in the class that we have determined is best suited for you.

Will the placement test help me decide between regular and honors courses?
The test is designed to determine your readiness for the level and will not indicate regular versus honors – sort of. Our Geometry course reviews Algebra topics as well as introduces geometry and is designed for students who need to strengthen their algebra skills.  So students must pass the test at a higher level to qualify to qualify for Honors Geometry.  Whether a student chooses to stay with Honors after that, is potentially a different discussion.

How do I prepare for the placement test?
Please see the resources below.

Printable Materials
The following review materials are also available for you to study on your own. Perhaps only print one unit at a time.

Geometry Review Answers (pdf)
*Please note that these packets are for an individual’s review to supplement what they are doing in their classes and may not be used by a teacher in a classroom environment.

Review Sessions
We will once again be providing review sessions in the spring prior to the test. Students attending the sessions should bring paper and pencils or pens.  Attendance at a review session is not a requirement for taking the placement test.

Emails will be sent in early spring with detailed information on the placement test and review session.

Register for the review sessions here.

Algebra Review Session
This session is offered for students who would like a teacher led review session.  It is intended for students who have already taken Algebra and will be taking the Mathematics Placement Test I or II.

           Algebra Review  – TBD

Geometry Review Session
This session is designed for students who have already taken Geometry and will be taking the Mathematics Placement Test II in order to qualify for Honors Algebra II or Algebra II as a freshman.

      Geometry Review – TBD

After the Test
Students taking the placement test will receive their results by mail within a month. This will indicate the approved course for the student. The student will be scheduled for the recommended course for the fall.

Students who performed well on the test but did not have a high enough score to pass it will be offered the opportunity to take a three week review course during which they will be reevaluated. In most cases, students who take advantage of this opportunity show significant improvement and are approved for the higher course at the end of the three weeks. Students who passed the test initially but would like to review before school starts are welcome to take a review class as well.

Although eligible people will receive information and forms along with their placement letters after the test, you should be aware of the dates for these courses.