New Software Systems Featured Image.

New Software Systems

Holy Family is converting to three new software systems in time for the start of the 2021-2022 school year!

It is widely known that at Holy Family Catholic High School, we are always on the path of improvement and in steady pursuit of excellence in all we do. 

Delivering a top-tier, faith-based, academic curriculum and high-quality extracurricular opportunities are core to our mission. To continue doing so in the best way possible, we are excited to announce that Holy Family will transition to three new software systems (Google Suite, Schoology Power School, and Blackbaud Information System) with truly seamless data flow from enrollment management into the learning management and student information systems over the summer. In addition, we are rebuilding our website to a mobile-first design that will integrate with these systems. 

A transition of this importance and magnitude takes thorough investigation and careful consideration. Holy Family partnered with SourceWell Technology to explore several options in determining the best solutions for our school. All departments provided input and evaluated options during the decision-making process. 

 New learning management system 

Over the years, Holy Family has expanded its software capabilities as needs arose. Despite being customized for our school’s purposes, our current software programs can, at times, be challenging to navigate and incompatible with one another. New technology upgrades will connect all platforms and users within our community – including students, teachers, parents, administrators, donors, and alumni – to improve continuity in delivering learning content, streamline communications, and allow teachers and administrators to serve students better. 

These software upgrades will also help our admissions team support new families as they complete the necessary steps for enrollment. Our fundraising team will have reliable contact information for supporters eager to support our school, and our alumni directory will have more accessibility for alumni to network with each other. 

A refreshed look 

Before investing in a new website design, it is prudent to review and refresh brand elements to reflect who Holy Family is today. The scope of this work includes an expanded color palette where appropriate, updated font choices, refreshed logo elements, and the implementation of consistent style guidelines across our school’s brand. All of these improvements will help Holy Family put its best foot forward as we work to grow our school and expand our mission to more families through a more robust and integrated website. 

These changes will help Holy Family Catholic High School conduct business more wisely, complete tasks with improved consistency and efficiency, and better connect our community through more integrated capabilities.  

Ultimately, these upgrades will give Holy Family administration and educators greater capacity to focus on what truly matters: Providing our students the best educational experience they so richly deserve.