Online Learning Expectations 

Grounded in our mission and values, Holy Family Catholic High School courses offer academic rigor, high-quality learning experiences, and opportunities for students to grow spiritually, morally, intellectually, and physically. We are committed to delivering the same high-quality academic experiences for in-person and online students, informed by our Catholic, Lasallian values.  

Students learning online will join their peers learning in the classroom by logging into our secure learning platforms – mySchool and Microsoft 365Student interaction will take several forms, from discussion boards to video conferencing, chat sessions, and in-class learning activities. Regardless of the methods, the goals for each course are student learning and student success.  

To achieve these ambitious standards, HFCHS has invested in training its faculty and upgrading classroom technology to improve video and sound for students in the classroom and those learning online. 

To promote student success, we articulate common expectations and strategies for students to reach course learning outcomes, regardless of the format of the courseAs part of the Holy Family community, each member contributes significantly to the success of all. Therefore, the Holy Family Student Commitment calls on all of us to UNITE to act with integrity. 


Online students are responsible for the same expectations as listed in our Parent/Student Handbook ( includes appropriate online behavior. Below are some highlighted expectations. 

Academic Support 

Students and parents are encouraged to seek academic assistance from teachers, counselors, and learning specialists when it is needed. Stopping by a classroom to talk to a teacher is easy to do when you are in person, but not possible when you are learning online. With that said, receiving help is possible and encouraged for our online learners. Students should email their teachers to request an appointment for a virtual meeting. This could be before school, after school, during BTC (Beyond The Classroom), or a common open period 


Online learners must attend class each day. Teachers will use either Microsoft Teams Meeting or Zoom. Regardless of the platform, links to join the class will be posted on the class webpage for easy access. Your camera must be turned on with a solid color background and you should be visible the entire class period. Online learners are expected to be on time and not leave class early.  Follow the daily schedule available at Semester 2 Schedule

Absence reporting is the same for online students as those learning in person. Parents report absences to the school office by emailing or calling (952) 443-4659 by 8 a.m. the day of the absence.  


All students meet with their counselors for a one-on-one meeting at least once per year. Most students are seen multiple times a year. You are encouraged to reach out anytime you have questions or are struggling academically, socially, or emotionallyWhen a counselor reaches out to you with a request to meet online, make sure you accept! Visit their Online School Counseling Page at 


Online learners will join class via video with a solid color background and must be in uniform tops. 

Study Hall 

Online learners will not attend study hall unless they work with our learning specialists. The learning specialists will communicate expectations and procedures to those students and parents. Connecting virtually will be the same as the student’s other courses. 

Technology Help 

Online learners should immediately notify school personnel of any technical issues. If the issues prevent you from completing schoolwork or connecting to class, email your teacher(s) and report the issue using one of the following: 

Cannot access any of the above? Leave a message at 952-856-1424, and Mr. Perrin-Smith will respond. 

 Setting Up for Success 

Create a workspace – Create a dedicated space in your home to work. Stock it with supplies such as textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, headphones, and post-it notes. 

Seek help – Seek help when needed (teachers, counselors, learning specialists) 

Take breaks – Create balance by taking opportunities to work offline 

Stay Organized & Meet Deadlines – Use a calendar or planner to organize classes 

Engage – Engage with the class, communicate with your teachersand collaborate with peers 

Take care of yourself – Make sure you build in time for relaxation, connecting with others, and getting outside. Our counselors have some tips for you on their new webpage.  

Stay connected – Check your email regularly. Reach out to your counselor and your classmates via email, text, or social media.