Expectations and Resources for Students for Online Learning

Reminders and Tips from Your Teachers

Expectativas en Línea y Sugerencias para el Estudiante

Weekly Plan

Teachers will email students a weekly plan by 8 a.m. every Monday morning. This information will also appear online (mySchool or Teams) for each class.

1. Attend live, synchronous meetings. 

Attendance to live, synchronous meetings are mandatory, and teachers will take attendance.

We created a Weekly Calendar to help you track when you are scheduled to be online for a live meeting, post a response to a discussion board, play a game with your class, and more. We created a few different versions based on when you have lunch.

Make sure you check out this weekly calendar SAMPLE!

Click on the following links for a weekly calendar that best suits your schedule:

2. Complete Assignments

Use your current planner or our Daily Planner to keep track of what you need to complete each day. Check them off as you submit them.

3. Meet Deadlines. 

You can expect daily work, just like normal. Sometimes your teacher will ask you to turn in something by the end of the period. Use the Weekly Calendar (See #1) to keep track of those. Additionally, you’ll have work due the next day, like usual. Use our Daily Planner (see #2).

4. Create a workspace. 

Create a dedicated space in your home to work. Stock it with supplies such as textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, headphones, and post-it notes.

5. Take breaks. 

We don’t expect you to sit at your computer all day. Take breaks when you’re not expected to be online. If you use the Weekly Calendar, it’ll be effortless to spot times to take some breaks. And, of course, practice social distancing.

6. Take care of yourself.

Make sure you’re also building in time for relaxation, connecting with others, and getting outside. Our counselors have some tips for you on their new webpage. Follow their Twitter page for daily information and tips. And wash your hands!


7. Stay connected. 

Check your email regularly. Reach out to your counselor and your classmates via email, text, or social media.


8. Technology Help

Are you having trouble with some of the technology used to do your online schoolwork? Let us try to help.
• Link to create a Trouble Ticket, and someone will respond to your query.
• Link to Computer Support Website to search for solutions or training.
• Link to reset 365 password.
• For assistance with mySchool systems, contact kannelg@hfchs.org.

Cannot access any of the above, leave a message at 952-856-1424, and Mr. Perrin-Smith will respond.