Frequently Asked Technology Questions:

  • Do we have guidelines regarding my use of school technology and why should I care?
    a. Yes, they are explained in our Responsible Use Policy (RUP)
    b. It is mandatory that you read the RUP found in the Student handbook and agree to abide by this policy before you may use any school technology or participate in the BYOD program.
  • Can I use my phone, iPod, tablet, or laptop in school?
    a. Yes, following the BYOD guidelines explained in the RUP, you may use your own device at various times and in most areas of the school (see the RUP and special BYOD signage).
  • BYOD means I can use my phone or device whenever I wish?
    a. No, there are specific guidelines as to where and when you may use it (see the RUP).
    b. It is also at the teacher/staff member’s discretion – if they allow it or not.
  • Do I have to use the computers at school if I have my own?
    a. That is up to you and your teacher and may differ from teacher to teacher or lesson to lesson.
    b. Using the school computer ‘windows login’ is one of two ways to change your Microsoft account (local network /Office 365 accounts) password. The other way is to talk to one of the technology staff to have it changed.
  • Do I have to use Office 365 and why?
    a. Yes, as it is your official school email account and is used by teachers and staff to communicate, collaborate, share, and inform you of school related information.
    b. It is also one of two accounts (Office 365 OneDrive and the other is MySchool WebDisk) where you can store and retrieve your digital files to use in school.
  • How can I find more information on how to the school’s technology?
    a. Current students have access to a Computer Technology Support Blog where they may find information regarding Office 365 and more.