Jan 01

Holy Family Activities and Arts Watch Party


Let’s end our year celebrating the talents of our student athletes, artists, and musicians. Over 1,200 members of our community joined our livestream of the Class of 2020 Baccalaureate and Commencement Mass on Wednesday, May 20. This week we invite you to tune in at 7:00pm on Thursday, May 28, for the Holy Family ESPYs, Spring Virtual Coffee House, Spring Band Performance, and the earlier shared Virtual Art Show.

The 2020 Holy Family ESPY’S


Introducing the first annual Holy Family ESPY’S, recognizing excellence in student athletics and activities.

Holy Family Spring Virtual Coffee House

One of Holy Family’s favorite musical nights of the year went virtual this spring with a coffee house featuring a few veteran performers.

Holy Family Band presents “Music from our Virtual Journey.”

From our Mrs. Laura Boillat, HFCHS Director of Vocal Music: Learning, rehearsing and performing music is on an ongoing group project, with an ENORMOUS amount of subtle yet essential non-verbal communication between musicians. School moving online in mid-March due to Covid-19 turned music performance groups on their heads! The Holy Family Band was no exception, but we embraced the online format and began a journey into the world of studio music and music production. In doing so, we have learned a LOT about recording, editing, and mixing, and just how vital that non-verbal communication is to perform live music effectively. We have certainly grown as musicians through this experience!

Many of the virtual performances presented here are the culmination of our third project in our exploration of a digital audio workstation (DAW) called Soundtrap (similar in function to Garageband). Students started out experimenting with loops and beats to create original ringtones they could use on their phones. We then moved on to incorporating our own recorded tracks for project two. Project three expanded on it and required students to work individually or in groups to create layered recordings along with loops. It took countless hours for everyone to get from zero to their final product. After the music was selected, we familiarized ourselves with it through listening and practicing. Working with a timeline of what needed to be done and setting goals for accomplishment, students needed to collaborate with others in their group to make musical and non-musical decisions. Students then began recording their parts in their homes, using only the equipment they had on hand. Recording, along with editing, required a lot of problem-solving and experimenting with everything from microphone placement (typically just a computer or phone) to tempo and balance. Students then layered, edited, and mixed them into our final performance of the 2019-2020 school year.

We present to you “Music from our Virtual Journey.”

The 2020 Virtual Visual Arts Show

Check out our Spring Art Showcase!


Jan 01

Holy Family music students earn excellent and superior ratings


Holy Family instrumentalists earned all superior and excellent ratings for their performances at this year’s Section 2AA Solo and Ensemble Music Contest on Monday, February 13. Judges rate the performances on eight factors of five points each: tone quality, intonation, rhythm, balance and blend, technique, interpretation/musicianship, articulation, and other performance factors. Scores of 35-40 points earn a contest top rating of Superior, 28-34 points an Excellent rating, 22-27 points a Good Rating, and 21 or below a Fair Rating.

The woodwind performances included Natalie Wideman’s clarinet solo and her clarinet duet with Mitchell Hausback. Both pieces earned Superior Ratings. While most musicians prepare for about 6-8 weeks, Natalie and Mitchell had just 3.5 weeks, due to a back order on their music.

Also performing a solo was Giselle Shannon on the cello. Accompanied by alumni parent and talented pianist, Pat Schaffran, she earned a Superior Rating and a perfect score of 40 on her performance of W.H. Squires’ “Fairytales.” Giselle began playing the cello 18 months ago and spent over four weeks preparing for the music contest. When asked why she chose to enter the contest she answered, “I take every opportunity to perform I can. A performance or contest motivates me to practice, not just for practice sake, but with the intention to improve and give my best performance.”

Giselle joined violinists Nicole Espinoza, Melissa Espinoza, and Maddy Kohrman to form a string quartet. The quartet earned an Excellent Rating for their ensemble performance of Bach’s “Brandenberg Concerto 5.” The Excellent Rating is an impressive feat for a quartet with two members with fewer than two years experience playing a stringed instrument.

Holy Family’s final entry Jazz Ensemble, a group of select musicians from the school’s jazz band, also earned a Superior Rating. Musicians in the ensemble are Anna Alleven (alto sax), Daniel Trieff (trumpet), Giselle Shannon (piano), Sam Winfield (bass keyboard), and Ryan Jandl (drums). Jazz Band will compete in the Large Group Contest in just a few weeks.

Director of Instrumental Music, Mrs. Laura Boillat, encourages all band students to participate in the contest each year for the satisfaction they receive from preparing and performing for the contests. She comments, “The ratings the students earned are great! But the best part of participating in solo & ensemble contest are the feelings of accomplishment students get from performing their very bests; the time and effort are all worth it!”

On March 16, Holy Family’s music department is offering a Contest Concert and Recital in the Performance Center at 7:00 p.m. This free concert is an opportunity for the Holy Family extended community to hear the performances from the solo & ensemble contest including those of the band and chorale from the Large Group Instrumental and Vocal Contest still to come.