Enrollment Steps

Complete An Application

Please complete our online application. Incoming Class of 2024 applicants who meet the Early Application Deadline of December 1 will have their $200 application fees waived. All other students will incur a $200 application fee. While the Early Application Deadline is a financial benefit to the family, it is not a required deadline for enrollment. Students may continue to apply for enrollment throughout the school year and summer months.

Transfer Student Application Class of 2026 Application International Student Application

Register For Classes

Freshman class registration will take place in February. An informational program begins at 6:30PM and staff will be available following that program to assist with questions or guidance . During these evenings, placement test scores will be distributed to all incoming freshmen who will then register for their desired classes. Freshmen are required to submit a $100 class registration fee. Registration is not considered complete until a tuition contract is on file for the student. Students may continue to register for classes after the registration evenings. Freshmen registering on one of these nights will be guaranteed their choices of elective classes.

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Complete A Tuition Contract

In 2017, we expanded of our partnership with TADS to include school contract and tuition payment management. The move to this electronic system allows us to serve our students, families, and school better. Tuition payment plans will still include the options of 1, 2, 3,  and monthly installments. Monthly payment plans will include a TADS annual fee of $45. Payments will be payable in cash, check, automatic bank transfer, or credit card.

Tuition contracts go into effect on July 1.

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Receive Confirmation of Final Acceptance

When all required steps are complete, the admissions committee will review each applicant for final acceptance. Applicants will receive a letter of their final acceptance status.