Italian Club

Ciao tutti! The Holy Family Italian Club is a student-run organization promoting Italian culture. All students are welcomed and encouraged to join the Italian Club regardless of language studied.

Members of this club share a passion for Italian history, food, language, and music. The Italian Club hosts a Marti Gras party, where the whole school gathers to celebrate the Christian holiday Fat Tuesday before Lent begins in March.

All students are welcome! A presto!

Jacob Dueck

Italian Club Advisor

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Jacob Dueck

Mr. Dueck started at Holy Family in 2003. Throughout those years, he taught Latin, Italian, yearbook, and, now, the student newspaper (the Phoenix). He has also been the adviser for Honor Society. He has a B.A. in Italian from UMN, studied at Università di Bologna, and a M.A. in Education and Catholic School Leadership from St. Mary’s University.