Financial Aid

2022-2023 Tuition: $16,950
2022-2023 Activity Fee: $750

2021-2022 Tuition: $16,400
2021-2022 Activity Fee: $750

Tuition Assistance for Incoming Ninth Grade and Transfer Students

Families interested in receiving tuition assistance must submit a financial aid application to TADS, the service utilized by all Archdiocesan schools. Applications for aid must be submitted via TADS online services by January 23 to be given priority consideration. Requests for tuition assistance may be made after the priority deadline. All applicants must have a completed Application for Enrollment on file with Holy Family prior to submitting the TADS financial aid application.

We recommend transfer students interested in receiving tuition assistance complete a TADS application as soon as possible following their Application for Enrollment.

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Tuition Assistance for Returning Families

Families interested in receiving financial aid must submit a financial aid application to TADS, the service utilized by all Archdiocesan schools. Requests for financial aid  should be made using TADS online services. Applications submitted by January 23 will be given priority consideration. Requests for financial aid may be made after the priority deadline. Returning students should also consider applying for the Tim Reilly Memorial Scholarship listed below.

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Short Term Emergency Tuition Assistance

Short Term Emergency Tuition Assistance may be available to enrolled families who cannot meet their tuition obligation due to the financial impact of significant and unforeseen circumstances such a death in the family, a sudden major illness, or loss of reliable income. Short-term emergency tuition assistance may come in the form of tuition payment plan adjustments (i.e. payment deferrals or extensions) or grants intended to serve as a stop-gap to offer assistance for temporary needs. The program is designed to help students remain at Holy Family, without interruption when unanticipated financial hardships jeopardize the completion of their high school education.

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Merit-Based Scholarships for Incoming 9th Grade Students

In addition to the need-based tuition assistance granted through our financial aid program, Holy Family Catholic High School is proud to offer scholarships that recognize students’ leadership, volunteerism, academic achievement and involvement in (non-athletic) extracurricular programs. Merit scholarship applications must be completed by families by the January 23 Priority Deadline.

  1. A short essay is required when selecting one or more of the merit scholarships requires a short statement. You may apply for up to two of the merit-based scholarship options.
  2. Information on need-based financial aid, the Radick Family Scholarship, Hildebrandt Family Scholarship, and Flaherty Family Foundation Scholarship will be sent to you if you select those options at this end of the merit scholarship application.

NOTE: A TADS application for tuition assistance is not required to be eligible for scholarships and grants with the exception of the Radick Family Scholarship.  Guardian Angels School or Parish families applying for the Radick Family Scholarship must complete the TADS financial aid application.

An Application for Enrollment is required before applying for grants and scholarships.

Here is a current listing of Scholarships for the Class of 2026: Class of 2026 Scholarship Offerings

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Hildebrandt Family Scholarship for Public School Families

Established by Dean and LeAnn Hildebrandt, the Hildebrandt Family Scholarship seeks to assist motivated, goals-driven public school students in accessing Catholic education at Holy Family Catholic High School. The Hildebrandt Family Scholarship honors the excellent experience they and their children had at Holy Family, and aims to help more public school families (including those from public charter schools) consider the incredible opportunities that Holy Family has to offer. Applicants will submit an essay articulating their goals as a student at Holy Family Catholic High School along with two letters of recommendation. Annual renewal of the scholarship is automatic contingent upon the student maintaining good academic standing and providing an end-of-school-year written reflection on progress. Hildebrandt Family Scholarships of between $1,500 and $3,000 each will be awarded on a competitive application process to incoming 9th graders who attended public middle school.

Application Requirements:

• Application for Enrollment submitted

• Hildebrandt Family Scholarship essay completed

• Two letters of recommendation submitted

Hildebrandt Family Scholarship award winners will be notified in mid-February.

Scholarship award winners are required to accept the award and complete their 2021-2022 tuition contract by March 13, 2021.

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Ignite the Fire Scholarship

Incoming 9th-grade students are eligible for the Ignite the Fire Scholarship. A limited number of these annual $1,000 to $2,500 scholarships are available to students entering HFCHS each academic year. Applicants should be active participants in their middle school programs and activities, with an articulated plan to continue participation in extracurricular activities at HFCHS. A 3.5 middle school GPA and demonstrated financial need are required. The annual renewal of the scholarship is contingent upon the student maintaining a 3.25 GPA and being in good moral standing at HFCHS. This scholarship requires a separate application. At least one scholarship per year must be given to a graduate of St. Hubert School. Apply for this scholarship by clicking on this button.

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Radick Family Scholarship

Former Guardian Angels Catholic School and St. John the Baptist School families in Jordan who apply to HFCHS and demonstrate financial need (via TADS application) are eligible for this scholarship annually through the Radick Family Scholarship, in addition to tuition assistance that may be awarded by Holy Family. The Radick Family seeks to support Catholic education for all families through this scholarship.

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Greg Osterdyk Memorial Scholarship

Greg Osterdyk’s legacy as a community, church and school leader lives on following his passing in 2019 in many ways. Greg is remembered as humble, dedicated, personable and generou. His family has devoted a scholarship to support the tuition of a student who has lost a parent. Holy Family is honored to have this gift to share with future Holy Family students who bear the extra burden left when a parent dies.

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Angie Quinn Memorial Scholarship

A mother of two Holy Family students, an educator, a coach, advocate, and supporter of youth extracurricular activities, Angie Quinn was also a strong believer in the positive life-long impact and benefit of a Catholic education and of belonging to this special school family. Her family, friends and the community honor her legacy through these scholarships.

The Angie Quinn Memorial Scholarship Fund supports access for students who will thrive as members of the HF community. To qualify, the applicant must demonstrate financial need as determined through TADS and possess high academic potential – minimum GPA 3.25 (middle school & HFCHS). Scholarships are renewable annually, and students must remain in good standing academically (3.25 GPA) and in moral character.

Applicants must submit a scholarship essay, and will be rated based upon the following characteristics:

  • · Positive personal values and character
  • · Active contributor to the community, now and in the future
  • · Plans for positive engagement in extracurricular activities at Holy Family Catholic High School

As an educator with experience working with students of diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds, growth in diversity at Holy Family was important to Angie. Students of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Catholic Parish and School Staff Discount

Holy Family Catholic High School is excited to provide a 30% tuition discount program for children of Catholic parish and Pre-K-8 school full-time staff members. Part-time staff members are a pro-rated discount based on their FTE. Contact Executive Director for Enrollment Rory Oster at for more information.