The creation of the Holy Family Yearbook takes place in the Publication Design course. Students are assigned pages, whenever possible, based on preference and knowledge of activity or event. Students use Jostens Online Yearbook Design Program to design the Holy Family yearbook spreads in class or from home. Creating these pages requires and/or develops skills in photography, writing, editing, visual design, and so much more. After a year of hard work, Publication Design students proudly distribute to the Fire student body the yearbook in June.

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Mr. Jacob Dueck

Yearbook Advisor

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Mr. Jacob Dueck

Mr. Dueck started at HF in 2003. Throughout those years, he taught Latin, Italian, yearbook, and, now, the student newspaper (the Phoenix). He has also been the adviser for Honor Society. He has a B.A. in Italian from UMN, studied at Università di Bologna, and a M.A. in Education and Catholic School Leadership from St. Mary’s University.

Mr. Dueck runs the yearbook and newspaper class called Publication Design. He says, “I am always energized seeing PubDesign students find their voices through photography, writing, and visual design. As they learn, they produce great publications, then realize that there are people who want to see their work. That’s powerful learning.”